Follow up Care, 3-Year Office Warranty and Final Sleep Test

After initial placement of the device, patients will have a 3 Year Office Warranty. Our office will not charge for any service related to OA therapy including needed comfort adjustments or titrations.

This does not include replacement of lost devices or non-warrantied OA device breakage. Our office will charge the lab fee associated with repair and shipping of devices within the first 3 years of initial placement. Individual devices have different factory warranties. Our office will inform the patient of the device’s factory warranty period and maintain initial records pursuant to state dental requirements.

In order to maintain this warranty, the patient will be required to do the following:

  1. Two week follow-up to assess fit, comfort, and compliance of the device.  We will review questions and make sure the patient can calibrate the device and assess side effects.
  2. 3 month follow-up to assess subjective success and compliance of the device. The patient will have titrated the device to the most effective position based on their experience.
  3. The Patient is responsible for maintaining their own dental health and agree to see a licensed dentist at least once per year to maintain proper hygiene recall and dental health assessment.

After the 3 month follow-up appointment and confirmation of subjective success and compliance with OA therapy. We request that the patient return to their medical provider for a Follow-up Sleep Test with the device in place in order to objectively test the improvement of the patient’s OSA. At this point, discussion of follow-up or additional measures can occur.

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